Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thriving Arctic Sea Birds Doomed

Little Auks

Up to 80 million of these seabirds seem to be doing quite well. Scientists were stunned that Little Auks seem to be adapting with ease to arctic warming.

“Contrary to our hypothesis, the birds responded to a wide range of sea surface temperatures via plasticity of their foraging behavior, allowing them to maintain their fitness levels. Predicted effects of climate change are significantly attenuated by such plasticity, confounding attempts to forecast future effects of climate change using envelope models.”

Using those same confounded envelope models, and apparently... contrary to their new hypothesis... the scientists immediately forecast the future demise of the thriving seabirds.

“It seems that little auks have reached the limits of their physiological and behavioral capacities.”

Scientists too.

Alaska Dispatch

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  1. Ha! That's hilarious! They say the Auks are adapting fine thank you very much, then they say they have reached the limits of thier physiological and behavioral capacities. There is no way they know what those capacities actually are.

    Wow, I suppose they had to say something in support of thier alarmist faith, otherwise someone would accuse them of being climate heratics.